the pattern links are all fixed!!!!!!! Oh, and we moved!

October 19, 2013

Hello my lovelies!!!  I am so very sorry that I disappeared for so long!  We had our little house in Massachusetts on the market for a year and it finally sold!  Then, we moved here!!!!  To Hawaii!  Yep, we have lost our minds.  It was a HUGE move and after 2 1/2 month we finally got our stuff.  So, I am back in business and getting ready to finally sew again.

We have been doing lots of fun stuff along with the every day things like getting the girls into school and settled.  We went to the most amazing beach about a month ago.  It was like something out of a movie!

We had a shady tree to sit under and the sand was like white powder.  We all had a blast!

So, in other news, I really messed up when we moved and forgot that all of my pattern pieces for the tutorials on this blog were being hosted on our internet provider's site.  When I cancelled our service I also cancelled all of my pattern links.  I couldn't fix the links until I had my files, which were on my computer that was on a boat.  Huge mess!

I have had many emails asking for the patterns and I have had to tell all of you that I would post when they were fixed and I am happy to tell you all that they are now up and working again!  Woo hoo!!!

The shop is also back up and running!  This is the time to get some fun fabric for making all of your handmade Christmas gifts!  :)

Thanks so much for all of your patience!


  1. Bem vinda de volta !!!! estava pensando...O que será que ouve;....?Achei que era problema na minha lista...Blogovin...Beijos!!!

  2. Welcome to Hawaii!! You're going to love it here!

  3. So glad you sold and moved!! Relax a little and breathe!!

  4. Hello Amy! I'm so glad all is well and you're getting settled. :)

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