I've been sewing like crazy!

April 24, 2013

Yes, you read that correctly!  Even though I have been absent here I have been sewing a lot lately.  I've been posting everything on instagram so if you want to follow me there you will be much more up to date.

I am also getting ready to release my first pattern for sale!  Here is a little sneak peek.

I also made myself a new bag!  I used Anna Maria Horner's art student tote pattern and some of her field study prints.  I LOVE it!

It was a great pattern.  I will warn you though that this is a huge bag!  It would make a great beach bag or a large diaper bag.  The interior has lots of pockets and is easily customizable.

There are also two zipper pockets on the exterior that are perfect for holding your phone and keys.  I used aqua metal zippers from zipit.  I LOVE these metal zippers!!!  They are a little industrial looking and I really like how sturdy they are.  I always think good hardware makes a bag look so much more professional and these zippers are perfect.

The only adjustment that I made to the pattern was to use duck cloth as sew in interfacing in place of the heavy weight fusible that was recommended.  Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly.


  1. Love your new bag Amy!! And I can't wait to see your new pattern - I'm so excited!! Love Michelle

  2. Your new pattern looks like it's going to be pretty darn cute!! You used my favorite Field Study prints on your bag. So glad you are well and sewing up a storm!!

  3. Catching up with you. Love the tutorial. You make great things. It is fun to see your work.

  4. Dig your nail color! And your tut is great, also.

  5. I've been so out of touch but I love the look of the new blog and the pattern looks great!!

  6. Great bag! How big is it? Like fit a small child or fits a lap top?


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