Happy Easter!!!!

April 8, 2012

Happy Easter my lovelies!!

Look at that CRAZY hair!!!  :)

I made the girls some little snack mats for their Easter baskets.  They are 10" square.  I used linen and some  Dream On charm square scraps.  That line is so cheery and just screams spring to me!  I sewed some crocheted lace into the seams.

They were a last minute project (I made both of them yesterday) and would make cute gifts for any time of the year.  You could cut the applique section into any shape you wanted, a birthday cake, a Christmas tree, a truck.  The girls have been using them this morning to pretend that their littlest pet shop animals are having a picnic.

I got the adorable bunny template from Amy's blog and totally copied the cute little tags that she made.  I hope she doesn't mind!  That girl amazes me, everything she makes is gorgeous!!!  

I made them the same except for the thread colors that I used for the hand quilting stitches.  Pippa's is pink.

And Adelaide's has yellow stitches.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!!  I'll have some fun little napkins to show you tomorrow!


  1. Happy Easter Amy!! Sweet bunny mats!! xo Heather

  2. Love the tote bags. Well you can't be fussed about hair when you have to get up and see what the easter bunny gave you.

  3. Happy Easter Amy! The girls look like they're having a wonderful day! :) Your snack mats are darling! I love the way you pieced the fabrics to create the bunnies and the lace trim. So sweet!

  4. so sweet! love the teeny tiny patchwork bunnies :)


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