birthday kitty

April 3, 2012

Penelope is turning 5 next week!  5!!!!  For some reason, to me, 5 is big.  I'm not usually sad to see them reach milestones and move on to the next stage but I am a little melancholy about this birthday.  She is so sweet and I don't want her to get big and snarky!  :)

Pippa is one of those kids that plays so carefully with her toys.  Here clothes always look brand new when they get passed to Adelaide (and then somehow look destroyed the first time Adelaide is done wearing them for the day!).  She's an old soul!  I knew she would treasure a kitty made from this adorable pattern the minute I saw it!

So....I made her one!

She is all sewn by hand, except for the dress.  My hand stitches got better as I went along and so I think the next one will be better but I am happy with the way she turned out and I know that Penelope will love her.  :)

I used some japanese fabric for her dress and some little cotton trim similar to this trim.  She is made out of wool blend felt.  The pattern was very well written and easy to follow.  Shelly, from Gingermelon, is super sweet and has the most adorable patterns in her shop!  She also has a lovely blog!

On another note, I have just signed up to go to the Sewing Summit!!!!  I'm SO excited!!!  Are any of you going????


  1. So pretty! Sewn by hand? You're a lot more patient than me! I'm so jealous about Sewing Summit. I really had my heart set on going this year but I checked my hubby's schedule and he'll be working so I'm stuck here. Huge bummer!! I was so hoping we could meet in person! Have fun!

  2. Aww, she's so cute! I'm going to SS :o)

  3. Awww, she turned out wonderfully Amy! I'm sure Penelope will just love her! Thanks so much for sharing my shop and blog and for your lovely comments, that was very sweet of you!!

  4. How adorable! Beautiful work and such a fun little subject to sew. Thanks for sharing!

  5. How cute is that! And I can't believe you sewed it by hand. That's pretty hardcore.

    SO very glad and excited that you were able to snag a ticket. SLC, here we come! I'll get started on the matching t-shirts soon...jk.

  6. This is so cute!! I love the strawberry fabric. I have some, too, and it's my favorite!! I hope Penelope has a most lovely 5th birthday!! :) xo Heather

  7. I'm not a cat fan, but this little Kitty is so cute!! I love her dress

  8. Amy that kitty is soooooo cute :)...happy birthday to Pippa. Five IS big...I remember my daughter was triumphant when she turned five! Enjoy and relax, you have years before the snark kicks in, ha!
    (nearly your neighbour!)

  9. happy birthday to penelope!! the kitty is so adorable!!

  10. Oh, what a sweet, sweet bunny! Happy Birthday to Pippa!

  11. I LOVE your blog, Amy! And LOVE the little kitty!!! What a sweet face she has - and what a pretty frock! :-)
    Looking forward to stopping by again.....

  12. Oh my goodness Amy! Pippa is sure to love this kitty!! It is adorable and I'm sure she will never want to put it down! Your hand stitching is beautiful! :)

  13. So adorable! Congratulations for sewing this cute kitty.

  14. Oh, this kitty is super cute! I am sure your big little girl loves it a lot. I would!! :)


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