twirly skirt and a few guests

June 28, 2011


I made Adelaide this little twirly skirt a couple of weeks ago.  I never got pictures of it when it was first made because as soon as it came off of the machine she insisted on wearing it!  That's always a good sign!!  :)

only photo where you can see her cute face or she wasn't twirling  :)

I think it is a favorite both because it twirls really well and because it has lots of yellow.  Anything yellow is awesome, because her hair is yellow, of course!

I wasn't super crazy about all of the little apron skirt patterns out there until I saw this one!  I mean, how could anyone not LOVE that skirt!!!  So, I bought the pattern immediately after seeing that one and I have to admit that it's pretty cute.  Here is another pattern that looks cute, I like that the apron is not only reversible but removable as well.

We also had a few visitors last week!  The girls watched them for hours, it was fabulous entertainment for all of us.  :)

swappy potholders

June 21, 2011

I made these little potholders for my partner in the PP8 swap.  That's the potholder pass 8 swap for those of you who don't speak flickr!  :)
Up until a few months ago I didn't know that there was this whole world of swaps going on!!  It is pretty neat!  You don't know who is sewing for you, so it's a complete surprise when you get your fun little package in the mail!

I had gotten this cute little bird embroidery pattern from Tasha a couple of weeks before I was given my partner's name and color preferences.  It was the perfect match for the style of potholder that I then planned.  

I used some Michael Miller ta dots in candy and ocean, some lecien flower sugar prints and some MM tea blooms and picnic for all of the piecing.  The binding is Heather Bailey hop dot in cherry.  I'm still not sure that I am in love with the binding but the rest of the potholders were so busy that I felt like the binding needed to be a little calm.  I think they look way better in person than in the photos (the light has been terrible here for the last few weeks, so much dreariness).

in the process :)

I really hope she loves them!  I can see why there are so many people that love the red, aqua and pink combo, it is really fun and so cheery!!

***If any blogger genius people out there can tell my why my horizontal photos get cut off on the right side when I enlarge them, I would really love to know how to fix it!!!  It is driving me nuts!!!  :)***

a little table topper

June 17, 2011

I made a little table topper out of some left over bliss charm squares.  Just a little something to brighten up our old coffee table.  It came together really quickly and was fun to make!

Sorry, the photos aren't the greatest!!  We had about 7 days of rain and gloom but I wanted to get some pictures before something got spilled on it!  :)

I used some red ric rac that I think looks really cute!  The main part is quilted with straight lines, 1/4" on either side of each seam.  The white border, I free motion quilted with a fun loopy design.

I may have to make another one for my kitchen table!  :)

business cards

June 10, 2011


I have been meaning to do this post for a few months now.  It's amazing how the time is flying by!

This winter I designed a business card in Photoshop and sent it off to one of those big (cheap) online printers.  I was really excited about them and really looking forward to the package coming with my cute new cards in it.  Well, about three weeks later my cards arrived.  When I opened the package I was so disappointed!!!  The color and quality of the card was terrible!!  Besides that, the design on the back was off square and half of the image was cut off!!!  Way to go proof reader person!

I called the company and they gave me a refund, which I was thankful for (and necessary but hey, you never know)!

Of course, I still needed a business card and so I got to work!  There's nothing like a little adrenaline to get the creative juices flowing!

My card is 3"x3" square.  I made a simple template in word and can print out 6 cards on a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock.  My favorite white cover weight is Neenah Classic Cover Linen in solar white.  It is really great quality and has a very faint and classy texture to it (it looks like linen, hence the name).  I print out my sheet of cards and then sew strips of fabric above the text with my sewing machine.  I use all of my small scraps for the fabric strips.  I cut them to 1" wide with my fabric pinking rotary cutter.   After the strips are sewn on, I cut out the cards using my rotary cutter and straight edge.

I have a separate rotary handle equipped with a pinking blade that is just for paper.  I am sure you all know this but you should NEVER use your fabric scissors or rotary blade for anything but fabric!!!  :)  I save my dull machine needles and use them for sewing cards too as the paper is not super kind to your needles either.

I also include a little note with all of the fabric orders that I send out.  I LOVE the flat note cards from Paper Source!  They are the perfect size and come in so many awesome colors.  I simply trim off the top so that it is pinked.

Yes, this takes a little more time and effort but it is also original and I hope it lets my customers know how thankful I am for all of them and how much I truly love what I do!!  :)

teacher gifts

June 2, 2011


Penelope has her last day of preschool today!  She goes to the most awesome school ever and has 4 amazing teachers!  They really are some of the most caring women and really enjoy being with the kids, it is so nice to know that she is loved when she is at school!

I asked her what she wanted me to make them and she said "bags to put all their make up in!"  I thought it was so cute!  I wanted to make something fun and patchworky and immediately thought of Vanessa's patchwork pencil pouch tutorial.    It's fun and easy and a great way to use up scraps!  I love the way she does her zippers!  

I printed out little labels using one of my favorite printables ever!!!  You can fill in whatever text you want on each label individually and play around with the fonts and colors.  It is so fun and they can be used for so many things!!  I have used them for business cards, price tags, signs at a craft fair, etc.  I punched holes in them and then attached them to the bags with a few wraps of divine twine which is also one of my favorite things!  :)

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