a new fall bag

September 2, 2011

I was so excited that Anna released a new bag pattern!!  I was feeling the pull to make a new bag for fall and was leaning towards using the same pattern that I used last time.  Then Anna revealed her new pattern and my plan totally changed!! 

This pattern is awesome!!  It is a great size, has tons of pockets (a large one on one side, 3 on the other side and a patch pocket on the inside), and is designed to be able to showcase several fabrics.  It is well written, as all of Anna's patterns are, easy to follow, and you end up with a very sturdy, professional looking bag.  I have no complaints at all!  :)

Yes, I realize that I am a grown woman, but this snow white print from Heather Ross is so fun that I couldn't help myself!  The yellow floral is fabulous too and a great color for fall.

I attached two of the selvedges to the handles using this tutorial.  I love them!!  The apples are so cute and I love the fuzzies.  :)

The tutorial has you use multiple selvedges to sort of patchwork your handle and I will definitely be doing that on a bag in the future but on this bag I hated to cover up all of the yellow floral so I just added a couple.  

In other news, I finished taking all of the pics for the sewing kit tutorial so it will be up on monday morning!  :)  Have a great weekend my lovelies!!!  


  1. I love how it came out! I bought this pattern too and I am in e process of narrowing down fabrics to use. That's always the hardest part! I'm so with you on using fabrics that maybe a grown woman wouldn't normally choose lol I often shop in the childrens fabric section because I love all the adorable prints! Love the purse, love the fabrics, love the selvedges, love it all!

  2. Your bag is so cute! I love the fabrics you picked. :)

  3. I love it too! Poo to being a grown-up. That fabric is too cute to waste on the young (/orders some for herself).

  4. Oh my gosh I totally love your bag!!! it's PERFECT!!!! Don't you love that pattern!

  5. I love the bag and the fabric is perfect. Of course you may not want to take fabric advice from the grown woman that has a skirt made of Riley Blake Love Birds ;o)

  6. Oh, it's adorable!! If being a grown-up means no whimsical fabric, then forget that. ;)

  7. Perfect bag for fall! Now if only fall would hurry up and get here :)

  8. beautiful job Amy, and totally awesome fabric choices!!! I love it. and the selvedges are awesome. :)


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