ironing board facelift

September 15, 2011

I know I've been missing for a few days, sorry!  Penelope started back to preschool this week and we have been running around like crazy!

So, I am a total impulse pattern buyer, fabric too sometimes though that is usually a little more thought out! :)  I bought this ironing board cover pattern because I loved the patchwork sections.  There are lots of free tutorials on how to make a new ironing board cover but I have to admit that it was really nice to have full size pattern pieces and all of the measurements worked out.  Crazy, I know, I warned you that it was an impulse buy!

I LOVE my new cover!!

It's fun and colorful and makes ironing a little more enjoyable!  There are 3 layout options in the pattern and I chose the flying geese.

They look a little wonky in this picture but it's just because I didn't straighten out the cover properly.  Oops!  It came together really easily, the only thing I changed was that I made the ribbons (you tie the ribbons underneath to cinch up the cover) a little longer so that they didn't get lost in the casing.  The hardest part was getting the sucker on my ironing board.

I also made another little fussy cut pencil pouch.  These are so fun to make!

Yes, more hand stitches!  They are totally addictive and I think the little extra effort really makes it special.

The fabulous Jeannie has requested a tutorial for these pouches.  I know there are tons of zipper pouch tutes out there but a request from Jeannie just can't be ignored!  :) I will try and have it up sometime next week.


  1. Oh my gosh I love the cover!! I go through those so fast I wouldn't waste my time but I might make one for my sister.
    Love the pouch!! I think I have some cute fabric for something like that :) I need to sew, I've been knitting!

  2. Very nice ironing board cover! It is so sharp and bright!!!

  3. adorable amy! I have recovered my ironing board a couple times and it is not nearly that cute! the zipper pouch is awesome! so cute :)

  4. That ironing board cover is so cute! But as Jeannie said, I go through them so fast and I'd be devastated to scorch or stain something so pretty. Does the pattern call for any padding or a heat proof layer?

  5. gorgeous Amy!!! I'm such a fan of that fabric too :) xx


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