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August 11, 2011

I made a couple of little pencil pouches yesterday!  I LOVE a good zipper pouch!  :)  They are so fun and easy to make!

I have neglected my poor little shop since I opened the fabric shop.  I thought it would be fun to make these for back to school!  I always loved school supplies!  I remember how fun it was to go to the store and pick out all of the pens and pencils, deciding which notebooks you wanted to use that year, coordinating all the goodies to put in your new backpack!  :)

I hope some little munchkins will get to use these little pouches and be just as excited to put their pencils in them as I would have been.

I had gotten a couple of charm packs of Aneela's little apples and so I used the super cute images from one of the squares for these pouches!  I love this hoola hooping girl!  I added some hand stitches around the little block.  I have been really loving that hand embroidery is coming back and have been drooling over all of the fantastic examples on flickr lately.

The other pouch features a little apple tree.  It's so fallish!  I can't wait to go apple picking this year!

I made the pouches out of natural colored linen but osnaburg would be adorable as well and is a lot easier to work with.  I lined the tree one in seersucker and the hoola hoop girl in urban grid in turquoise.

If you want to make a zipper pouch but have never attempted one, or just need a refresher, here are my favorite tutorials!  They both make it super easy to learn how to put a zipper in a pouch.

Anna's gathered clutch tutorial

Vanessa's patchwork pencil pouch

I get my zippers here!!  I really love this shop, the customer service is fantastic, the shipping is fast and the selection and quality can't be beat!!


  1. Your pouches are adorable! You made wonderful use of your charms. :)

  2. Made me smile! I think I need to make some too ;)

  3. These pencil pouches are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us. Now I need to check out the tutorials that you listed and hopefully make a few pouches of my own. I also pinned this on pinterest!

  4. Just adorable! Love these and I ♥ school supplies too.

  5. very pretty! I love the tree :) They both would have been wonderful to take to school! I'm sure they will sell quick!

  6. Eek, these are SO freaking cool. I LOVE the way you fussycut the fabrics. Awesomesauce.

  7. Oh my gosh those are so cute!! I love pencil pouches too!


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