more swoon blocks

August 17, 2011

Here are my next two swoon blocks!  I really love this pattern so much, yes, I know I have said that before but it really is just so fun!!  :)

Because I only had a fat quarter of each print, which is what the pattern calls for, the stripes are not all facing the same direction.  When I was cutting and initially piecing my squares it was driving me nuts!!  I even ordered a little more of this print because I just new it was going to bother me.  Since I already had everything cut, I just went ahead and made my pieces and laid them out.  The more I looked at it, I kinda liked that they were a little crazy.  Now I think it makes the block a little more interesting and adds a little movement to it!  Am I crazy?  :)

Now I will just use this stripe for the binding as well!  I LOVE stripes and polka dots for bindings!  :)


  1. I love the stripes just the way they are! Oh my, I love your Swoons and want to make one myself! So lovely!!

  2. The Swoon blocks in Delilah are really beautiful! Great idea. I also love your 1001 Peeps quilt, it's really cute.

  3. I love how the stripes look like that! They really emphasize the swoon design. You're not crazy at all! Lol they're looking great.

  4. The stripes look like they're woven -- I like it!

  5. I love how you did the strip blocks, that really works!

  6. I was actually going to say my favorite part of these blocks is the way the stripes are done. So if you're crazy so am I.


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