more pouches

August 16, 2011

I made a few more zipper pouches!  I am having so much fun with them!  :)  I used some scraps from my swoon blocks for this one.  The hexies are tiny at 1/2".  I added more hand stitches on the sides of the panel.

I made two more with little apples.  This is my favorite!

I love all of the characters in Aneela's prints.  She tells all of the sweet stories of the main characters on her blog but I wonder what the stories of the little critters are.  :)  These two, in my mind, are in love!  A snail and a turtle, an unlikely couple.  :)

I cut 2 1/2" squares and made patchwork for the lining of the last one.  A nice little surprise when the pouch is opened.

These will be going up in the shop today.


  1. These are fantastic! Again, totally impressed with how you just churn all this awesome stuff out :)

  2. Of course the tortoise and snail are in love! Now why didn't I think of that!!!

  3. Oh so cute Amy. I love the heart in the conversation bubble. Zips are addictive!

  4. Those are so cute! Especially the turtle and snail love!

  5. You have such an amazing eye for design! I love how you put the tiny hexies down the side!!

    Very impressed!!!

    Kim ~ Loosethreds

  6. I totally love your pouches!! They all just make me smile!!

  7. Amy, you had me at 1/2" hexies. Love them!

  8. I also love those pouches!! You mentioned Osnaburg. Is that a linen or cotton? Where have you found the best place to get it?


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