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July 29, 2011

***please be warned that this post is very picture heavy!  :)***

Besides being an unbelievably talented carpenter, awesome husband and amazing dad, my husband, Doug, also has a phenomenal green thumb!  He is one of those people who can stick a plant in the ground and it thrives!!  Me, I kill every plant I have ever bought in record time!!

One of the reasons that we moved out of Boston is because Doug really wanted enough land to be able to grow all of our own produce in the summer.  He would love a greenhouse so that we could grow in the winter too, a few goats, a cow and a couple of pigs too but I had to draw the line somewhere.  I knew I had to say no when he suggested that if we got some goats, I could milk them twice a day so that we could make cheese!!  HA!!!!  Yeah, that's gonna happen!!!  :)

Anyway, he does plant and maintain our veggie garden every summer!!  It's awesome!!!

beets (we have 4 types)
green beans
peppers (this one is just starting to turn purple)


yellow cherry tomatoes (we have 7 types of tomatoes)
our haul from one night, yum!!!  yes we have blue eggs too!
He also grows me beautiful flowers!  The sunflowers will be blooming soon!  :)

He's going to kill me for this but I love this photo!  He let's the girls put his shaving creme on his face.  :) Check out how hard Penelope is concentrating!!  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. wow! i've always wished i had the time, energy, and know how to plant a nice garden. at least be able to grow my own campari tomatoes. we go through those like crazy. looks like doug is doing an awesome job growing those veggies.

    lol at you milking goats! i can totally see it ;)

  2. The garden is looking fantastic! I bet you have more than you can eat!

  3. wow, your garden is BEAUTYFUL!!!!

  4. Wonderful garden! I guess you and your quilts are never going to come and marry me now!!! Doug is a keeper :)

  5. Aww how sweet! I wish I lived out in the country to be able to own some acreage. What a great investment! All those veggies look amazing.

  6. That is an amazing veggie patch! Everything looks so delicious! Pictures like yours and our unusually spring-like weather (it's winter here) might just get me out into the garden tomorrow....

  7. by the way, have you read Peter Rabbit? Your reminds me of Mr McGregors garden!

  8. We read ptere rabbit here on a regular basis! :). Hope you get out in your garden!

  9. Your garden is a Vegan delight!!! and your hubby isn't bad either :)

  10. Oh goodness! I'd forgotten that my father used to allow us to put on his shaving foam with a brush just like that one. Adorable - definitely a photo to be documented for posterity.

  11. hi Amy, i'm tien from indonesia,
    i like your photos at flickr, and read your blog here...nice blog, i like your beautiful garden, i wish i can have garden like yours :)

  12. Well, having your own greenhouse is an excellent idea. That way, you have the option to continue growing vegetables all year round. By the way, those cherry tomatoes look very succulent. Fresh tomatoes are perfect for making salsa or a quick salad.


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