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July 11, 2011

Ruby and Little Apples charm packs and a Ruby layer cake 

I have a lovely friend, Lisa, who I met a while ago when I ordered my first pre cuts from her shop.  We were emailing back and forth one night about the different types and advantages of precuts.  I had just done this post about using some charm square scraps to make my new potholders. The next morning I got another email from my adorable friend Heidi (who makes the cutest cards ever!!) asking me what precuts were.

I know that quite a few of my followers are new sewers.  Maybe some of you just aren't that familiar with all of the awesome options there are out there!  Here is a brief explanation of my 3 favorite pre cuts.

charm squares: 42 - 5"x5" squares
layer cake: 42 - 10"x10" squares
jelly roll: 42 - 2 1/2"xWOF (width of fabric being 44" or 45")

There are others but these are my favorites and what most patterns that call for precuts use.

What can you do with a simple charm pack?  I'm so glad you asked!!!  :)  I made all of these projects with ONE charm pack and I still have several squares left over!

two linen tea towels for a flickr swap

my little table topper

the bottom two snack mats

A charm pack is perfect for small patchwork!!  You get all the prints in a line for $9, or under, you can't beat that!!

I made this quilt with a jelly roll.   I get most of my precuts from Lisa's shop.  She has, by far, the best prices!  She ships quickly and she is a sweetheart!!  I always find it so much nicer to buy from a shop where the people are kind, makes me happier to give them my money!  :)  She still has some of the new Ruby and Little Apples precuts that are in my first photo.

My favorite quilt patterns use precuts as well, Camille makes a fabulous quilt!  I have made one of her patterns using yardage as well, it was a little more work but I really love it.  :)

***Disclaimer - I have not been paid in any way by any of the shops that I linked to in this post!!!  I simply think they have great products at great prices and just wanted to share them with you!!  ***


  1. I love precuts, too! Wish I had snatched up another Little Apples charm pack, but I got one!

  2. Love those snack mats-really too cute! I ordered a charm pack once but ended up not liking most of it. Will have to try again with something better!

  3. How cute! Love your work. Charm packs are get so many beautiful fabrics all in one! =)

  4. Pre-cuts are the best invention ever! I don't remember how I found out about them but I have bought quite a few already. My very first quilt was made out of Rural Jarding charm squares, what a great way to learn to quilt.
    You made some really lovely things with these charms. Great combination with the linen.


  5. good info on the precuts! I have never ordered one but I do like that dream on that you have used. Too bad I already have like a million thrifted sheets that look like that o I would buy one for sure. Looking forward to seeing your new lucien fabric!


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