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July 18, 2011

Over the weekend I made this little seat cushion for my sewing chair.  When Doug built my desk, I wanted usable drawers for each machine.  It is really nice to be able to store the accessories for each machine right in a special drawer.  But, since my machine can't be sunk into the desktop I needed my chair to be a little taller so that my shoulders don't cramp up.

This pattern was just what I needed!!  It uses foam wrapped in batting and therefore isn't as squishy as a pillow.  It holds it's shape and effectively raises the height of my chair.

the other side  :)
on my chair
It came together really quickly and easily!  I sewed the whole thing on Saturday with the girls running around, that shows you how easy it was!  :)  Honestly, the hardest and most time consuming part was tufting the cushion with the covered buttons.  I only stabbed myself once though with the 5"needle, so that wasn't bad.

It would be a great thing to take to a game or soccer practices too.  The handle would be super convenient if you planned on using it on outings!

I know it isn't my usual color palette but I have been really drawn to the shabby florals lately (I used fig tree's strawberry fields for my cushion).  I think it's mostly due to the fabulousness of this blog!!!  It works in my old country farm house too!  :)  I haven't let go of my love for bright colors though, don't worry!


  1. Love it! The buttons really finish it off nicely. I have the opposite problem of my tables being too short for my chair, otherwise I'd have to make one too :)

  2. Beautiful, I love the florals and the polka dots.

  3. I totally love that and the handle is really nice addition! I'll have to look into that pattern, thanks for the link.

  4. What a treat for the bum! ;) It's a lovely pillow.


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