1001 peeps WIP

July 1, 2011

There has not been as much sewing going on here over the last few weeks.  We have been potty training both Penelope and Adelaide!  Besides an accident here and there it is going pretty well!!  I haven't left the house much since the thought of someone peeing on the floor in Target just makes me cringe.

I have gotten started on a new quilt though and I am really loving it so far!  The fabric is 1001 peeps by Lizzy House.  The characters are so much fun!  It's full of magic lanterns and castles, genies and snake charmers, camels and horses.  The girls love all of them and seem to find something or someone new each time they look at it.

The pattern is Kate Conklin's fussy cut fairy tales.  It's such a great pattern and is coming together way faster than I thought it would.  The way she has you cut the blogs is fantastic and produces almost zero waste!  You gotta love that!!

For the sashing, I'm using kona ash and it is about as close as it gets to the greyish color in the prints.  It really looks nice and is helping to tie all the blocks together.

For the small sashing that frames each if the fussy cut pieces, I used kona PFD.  PFD stands for "prepared for dying" and I find myself using it a lot!!  It's somewhere in between kona's white and bone.  I find that the "white" in a lot of prints really isn't white or off white, this is where PFD really comes in handy.

All of the large blocks are pieced.  Now I have to work on the sashing and all of the cute small blocks that make up the border!!

I hope all of you here in the US have a fantastic 4th of July and get to enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends!!


  1. This is totally adorable and I love how you sashed them too. I like that PFD Kona and find it blends.

  2. Amy, I love your quilt!! I really want to make my little boy a quilt out of this line. Thank you for the pattern link. I like the way each block is framed. Can you tell me how much fabric the pattern requires?

  3. Oh Amy!! As always, you're so inspiring and you do such beautiful work! I love reading your posts.
    Wishing you the best with the potty training! I used to keep the wooden potty chair in the car so when we were out, I could pull over and let them do their thing. Of course, boys are a bit easier in some respects! I would bribe with M & M's too {bad mommy} but it totally worked. I kept them in plain sight on top of the frig so they could remember 1 M&M for Piddle, and 2 for Poodie {Lol, am I allowed to say that?}

  4. The quilt is looking lovely. Good to know that the PDF that I bought, but not using, will probably be used later. It just was't looking right for my project.

  5. Those blocks are looking adorable! Thanks for the link, and also the tip about the PFD. I might have to grab some of that.

  6. It's beautiful and I love the fussy-cut bits (and I also found it strangely satisfying to learn what PFD means - thank you!).

    Good luck with the potty training - two at the same time would very possibly be more than I could have coped with so you my utter admiration.

    Florence x

  7. i LOVE your 1001 peeps blocks!! they are perfect!!

    good luck in potty training!! i'm needing to focus on that too with my little one.

  8. i'm in love with this quilt you are making! an absolutely perfect way to use 1001 peeps.


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