1001 peeps quilt

July 28, 2011

Yea!!!  I actually finished the top about 2 weeks ago.  It was so unbelievably hot here for over a week, we are talking 100 degrees and no ac, that there was no way I could bring myself to quilt it!  Just the thought of sitting at my machine with a quilt on my lap was enough to drive me insane.  So, I put it aside for a little while.

On Monday it was finally not sweltering so I got this baby out.  I basted and quilted it all in one afternoon!!!  Crazy!!!!  Once I start on something it drives me nuts until it's finished, so having this sucker sit there untouched for 2 weeks was grating on me!  :)  The girls were playing so nicely so I just kept going.  I sewed the binding on yesterday.

The characters are so fun!!  Adelaide calls it the "princess blanklet"!  I don't have the heart to correct the blanket part, I just love all of the words they say just a little off when they are little!  :)

I quilted two lines in the inside of the little frame that surrounds the fussy cut center and then stippled the rest of the quilt.  It's so nice and crinkly.  I didn't want to obstruct the fussy cut characters so I left those unquilted.

I have already started another quilt, I had to do something while I put this one aside.  :)  I have no idea why the quilts are appealing to me so much lately but I know we will be super snuggly here this winter!!!

Again the fabric used in this quilt is 1001 peeps by Lizzy House.
I used kona ash and PFD for the sashing.
The pattern is fussy fairytales by Kate Conklin.


  1. You quilted that in one day!? Crazy. It is just so so beautiful. I'm sure you've been asked this a thousand times, do you sell your quilts?

  2. Gorgeous!!! You're so talented to do that in one single day!! That would take me eons lol. <3

  3. Fantastic. Are you sure you want to be married to Doug b/c i would marry you if I could have quilts like in my house! You are the best!

  4. lol, virginia.

    amy, you are a quilting machine! i want to be you when i grow up ;) beautiful job :)

  5. Love it Amy! Wow, you're rolling along with these quilts pretty quickly! I've yet to complete my first one :-/ I don't know why I'm dragging in that department, I guess I don't have the confidence to quilt them yet. But yours are amazing, great inspiring pieces!

  6. Wow! It looks amazing! Do you mind if I share a picture of it on my blog?

  7. Recently I've fallen in love in patchworks! I hope I'll find time to make some of them and start quilting some time in the nearest future :)

    Plus, I don't know if you are interested in blog awards, but I've nominated you to One Lovely Blog Award :) I really like to read your new posts and always look forward to updates!

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!

    All the best

    Joanna (Tutinella)

  8. Oh Gorgeous.. Just found you via flickr.. Love this Quilt and Kate did a great pattern.. Im related to Kate.. Does that make me famous too?? haha xx Bec

  9. it's beautiful, Amy. So different from what I'm up to right now but it appeals to me so much. The color combo is great. Your balance is perfect, beautiful job! I wish I could get out of my comfort zone sometimes ;) xo amy

  10. This is just wonderful...you have go me thinking that this would look wonderful in Heather's mew range.

  11. This is awesome! Love the fussy cut squares.

  12. Oh love it! Feel like a copy cat though - have nearly finished a quilt top using this pattern and 1001 peeps in the purple colourway, and just saw yours... But thanks for inspiring me to soldier on and finish it!


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