new potholders

May 31, 2011

I have joined the PP8 (potholder pass 8) swap on flickr and this is why!  :)

These are my potholders.  They are the same ones I have had since my first apartment in college.  Yuk!!  I'm not sure why I haven't just bought a new pair.  I mean, I end up at Target at least once a week!!  Anyway, since I joined the swap I figured I should probably make a practice pair.

I used some scraps that I had left over from this project.  I LOVE this line!!  I had cut into a charm pack and couldn't just toss the little strips that were left over, they ended up being perfect for this project.

I get most of my precuts from my adorable friend Lisa over at Lisa's Stitching Post.  She has a great assortment of precuts at the lowest prices that I have found.  She is usually cheaper than etsy and often has lines that you can't find on etsy anymore.  She still has plenty of the Dream On that I used for these and I know that the layer cakes and jelly rolls are getting hard to find.

I used Oh Fransson's potholder tutorial and really loved it!  I love the pocket on the back so that you can slip your hand in.  I have burned my hand several times using the regular flat potholders so this feature really appealed to me.

I used osnaburg for the neutral and lined it with ta dot in candy.  The binding is ta dot in tangerine.  When I bind small things like this (really anything other than a quilt), I always cut my binding at 2 1/4" instead of 2 1/2".  I just like the look a little more and find that that small change makes a big difference on something of a small size.

Hope everyone had a great long weekend!


  1. Super cute, as always!! <3

  2. Yes, I would say you needed new hotpads! :)

    I really like the pattern you used, combined with the fabrics. It makes me want to try it out!

  3. Oh my! New potholders were WAY overdue, LOL! I tend to use my potholders past their prime, but I must say even mine don't look quite that bad ;-) Although, when I do make new ones, then I have trouble using them because I don't want them looking like the old ones! Your new ones are adorable, and I've used that same tute and love it! And thanks for the link for the pre-cuts - I love pre-cuts! Happy Potholdering!

  4. I love your new pot holders. So cute. And you used my favorite fabric line so points for that! No scraps left behind! :)

    Enjoy those cheery pot holders.

  5. You are the funnest thing!!! but I have totally had some as bad!! your new ones are awesome and look easy to use.

  6. You definitely couldn't toss such pretty scraps! Love your new potholders. Time to lay those old, crusty college oven mitts to rest ;)

  7. I am doing joined too! I'll have to try making that potholder it looks like a good one.

  8. Amy, Amy, Amy!! You always have such great posts!! I love your blog. I've been out of the loop this past month {work!!} & have missed your recent postings. This morning I HAD to come see what you've been doing and how perfect is this! Pot holders!! It's so funny... I use the same old ones that I've had forever, and get this, two of them have poinsettias on them! Although you probably couldn't tell by the burn marks. {I'm better at crafting than cooking!}.
    Your new ones are beautiful!

  9. Oh how I would love pretty oven gloves. Alas my flatmate keeps shutting them in the oven door, and dunking them in his dinner, so I'll just have to keep sticking them in the wash lol

  10. Beautiful potholders! Those would be hard to use! She is a lucky lady whoever gets them. Hope you made extras for yourself :)

  11. The reason you haven't bought potholders at Target is because ready-made potholders are UGLY and stiff as a board! Your new potholders are beautiful--and flexible! :)


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