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May 26, 2011

I grew up in Florida and my parents are both native Floridians but this month they bought a new house, in Hawaii!!  Cool, huh!!??  So I felt the need to make my mom something new for her new house!

I have looked at the pattern for the chopped vegetable pillows several times but never really had an excuse to make them.  I'm not making anything nice for my living room until all of my girls are potty trained and I am not so afraid of them destroying everything in their path.  :)

This was the perfect excuse to get Elizabeth's pattern!

I used 3 Amy Butler prints and one of the Amy Butler solids (I think it was called olive).  The neutral is kona in bone.  The pattern has instructions for an invisible and regular zipper closure but I went with an envelope closure instead.  I have really been enjoying the stipple process and so that is what I did on these too.  It is so fast and I love how it looks with all of the piecing.

My mom got them in the mail the other day and was really pleased with them.  She thought the floral print even looks a little Hawaiian!  :)


  1. awesome pillows! will have to check that pattern out :)

  2. oh very cool! And maybe you can get a lesson in Hawaiian quilting! I would love to learn how to do that!

  3. Amy, that looks great and I'm jealous of your quilting.ha.ha.ha.a..
    That's funny cause I thought it had an Hawaiian feel to it as well. Very nice job!

  4. Great pillow! Love the colors and your quilting is fabulous! :)


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