turning 4

April 7, 2011

My Penelope is turning 4 on Sunday!  I can't believe it!  It feels like it was just yesterday that she was this little peanut.  :)

I have never carried a baby to term, my body just doesn't seem able to.  I have been so lucky to have had 3 healthy girls!  This one scared us the most.  She had trouble breathing when she was born because her lungs weren't quite ready so they had to sedate her for a whole week.  I didn't get to see her until the day after she was born because they had to rush her to children's hospital in Boston.  I pitched a little fit and they let me out for a few hours to go see her the next day.  She finally woke up and they took out most of the tubes that were in her little body and moved her back to the hospital where I was.  I went home for one night, that night she stopped breathing for a minute.  I stayed at the hospital after that!!  She has been healthy ever since!!!

man I look tired!!  :)

Ok, enough background!!  :)  I had to make my birthday girl some fun presents!!  I got this print in the shop a while ago and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it!!  I had seen this neat tutorial when it first came out and had been waiting until I felt the need to make one!  :)  My little girls also love dolls so I knew I had to make her a dolly.  The head keeps falling off of her old one and I am getting a little tired of sewing it back on!  

The tutorial calls for upholstery weight fabric but since I had a quilting cotton print that I wanted to use, I placed a layer of white kona in between the printed cotton and the flannel.  Then when I cut into the flannel, I made sure not to cut the kona as well.  I figured that would give the stitches a little more stability, which is why I think upholstery weight was recommended in the tutorial.  

I bought one of these nifty chenille cutters and it made the process of cutting the layers of flannel a lot easier than if I had used scissors.  It was still really physical, I ended up with 2 bruises on my hand from pushing the cutter through the channels.  The binding was also a lot harder to sew onto the back because of having to get through all 3 layers of flannel.  Does that mean that sewing counts as exercise!!??  ;)

This is after washing it!  It is so soft and fluffy!  


  1. what a cute little nugget! happy birthday! that whole preemie birth experience is a total blur to me. so scary to see them so itty bitty. yay for healthy babies :)

    love her dolly and blanket....both awesome gifts i'm sure she'll snuggle with for years to come.

  2. Wow! What a great story of the strength of a mother's love! Tell her happy birthday! Love the doll!

  3. I have to say that I think it is so funny that you had preterm babies and have a whole foot on me, and I had overdue 9 lb babies! We should have taken an average and had our babies at 40 weeks :) Penelope will love her presents! Btw, she looks just like Doug in the first picture!

  4. Such a sweet story. I love seeing those precious itty bitty baby pictures. Your doll and blanket are beautiful! I looked up the tutorial and it is genius. I would love to try that sometime. SUper super cute fabrics you chose. As usual!

  5. That had to be very scary! I'm glad all is well and she is having a wonderful 4th birthday!
    The doll and blanket are totally adorable!

  6. Happy Birthday sweet girl :)

  7. Okay~seeing the pics of itty bitty Penelope made me SMILE and tear up.
    So SWEET!
    This little doll and blanky are adorable!
    What lucky little girls you have!
    LOVE all the colors.
    Happy Birthday Miss Penelope!
    ENJOY the moments Amy!

  8. Aw I'm so glad that your baby girls are all healthy despite having complications early on! Penelope will love her beautiful gifts, I especially love the dolly! Super cute :)

  9. I LOVE her name! Penelope is on my list for girl names I like. :) My sister made my daughter the same doll for Christmas. It is adorable! Great job!

  10. your blog is SO much fun! and I agree, LOVE the name penelope.. My sister and I just started a new blog and would LOVE for you to come over and be our newest {blog} friend and follower. (we are your newest follower) Come see us at
    Hope to see you soon!

  11. Such a darling blanket! I love it! I love the doll too. Handmade gifts are the best. And, I just have to say that I love 3-girl families! Thanks for sharing in my Flickr group. -Anneliese

  12. This is the most adorable baby blanket I've seen in a LONG time - I plan to make this for my nephew due to arrive late August. Love your blog. No idea how in the world I ended up here, but just realized that we're both in MA ~ Great job with the blog - all of your creations are beautiful! (Love the pics of your sewing space, too - I just received the gift of a sewing studio from my talented husband, too!)

  13. love the little doll and blanket, I've been meaning to make one for a while now. maybe now's my time!

  14. I had a simmilar experience with my twins. It was very hard but now they are big and healthy! you have a lovely blog!


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