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April 28, 2011

So, as you can tell by the title, I have some awesome friends!!!  This little blogging community has really been a joy for me!  I was, at first, somewhat of a reluctant blogger.  I figured, who the heck would want to read about what I was sewing or doing??!!  But I was lonely!  Not in the sense that I needed a friend because I have wonderful friends but I was lonely in a crafty way.  I didn't know or communicate with anyone that sewed or crafted!  I had no one to bounce ideas off of or to ask questions.  I figured even if no one was reading, that blogging would give me a way to hash out my ideas.  I am still amazed that anyone reads my little rants!  :)  Anyway, I started blogging despite my reservations and I am so very glad that I did!!

I have "met" some of the greatest women ever!  I love every one of my followers and readers and get so very excited when you guys leave me comments or send me an email!!  It really means so much!

I got so many sweet comments and messages for my birthday, thank you all!!

Two of my best bloggy friends sent me the most amazing gifts!

I got this lovely package from Vanessa!  Just look at all of those goodies!  The beautiful pin cushion is filled with pins and on my cutting table!  She also made me a fantastic patchwork pouch that is in my bag with all of may daily beauty necessities.  :)  There was also some beautiful stationary and the coolest stickers that I have ever seen!!  She packed it so beautifully that I almost hated to unwrap it all, almost!  :)  The super cute card was decorated with artwork by her daughter!

My friend Amy, who I am lucky enough to really know in person, brought me this fabulous piece of her amazing fabric!  She screen prints it with her own designs!  She is so talented and is an artist in every meaning of the word!

Pretty cool, huh?!  

So, I would like to get to know all my readers a little better!  If you blog, why?  If not, then just tell me something about yourself!!  And... if you want to know something about me then ask and I will answer! :)


  1. So, I just wanted to say Hi :) I am oh so new to this whole blogging thing,but I am also starting to enjoy it. I want to share my creation with other people and I'm truly happy when someone says "oh, that's nice". It's also a nice break from my regular duties at work. I have more stuff on my flickr for the time being, but will be updating blog soon on a more regular basis. I hope I meet here more friends, just as you did!


  2. Aren't you sweet :) I can't wait to see what you make!!

  3. yay for awesome bloggy friends! so glad you enjoyed your little package :)

  4. Hi! I just wanted to wish you lots of happiness and health in this new year of your life. :D

    I am an avid blog reader, I read so many blogs it's hard to keep track. But as recent as this week I started blogging about my crafts and other adventures. Why? I felt the need of sharing what I make with the crafty/blogging world, and I'll hopefully meet some friends along the way.

  5. Amy! How beautiful you lucky lady! I love you to bits and I am so glad you got sweet little BEAUTIFUL treats on your birthday. You deserve every last bit of them. xox

  6. Don't you just love these wonderful ladies!! I enjoying reading what you all are up to as like you I have no real crafting friends (but of course you do now:))I can't imagine not wanting to sew..heh.eheee..Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading!


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