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April 19, 2011

I am in the process of making quite a few of Keyka Lou's easy reusable grocery bags for myself.  I have the ugly ones from the grocery store and they work but pretty ones would be so much nicer!!  :)

The handles are a great shape and have 6 rows of topstitching.  The topstitching serves two purposes on a bag like this, to reinforce the strength of the handle (when both carrying the bag and washing it) and to be attractive.  Herein lies the problem!  :)  Unless you are a super precise sewer and pretty experienced in topstitching, this can look sloppy and uneven.  So cheat!!!

If you are not a quilter, which I am not, you may not know about this awesome sewing machine foot!!  The 1/4" foot is mostly used in quilting to ensure accurate piecing.  I use mine, not only for piecing, but often times to ensure accurate topstitching as well!

Here is a solid colored handle that I am going to use on one of my bags.  It is much easier to see the stitching lines on this handle.

I use my 1/4" foot to sew the line of topstitching closest to the edge of the handle as you normally would.  Then, I use the guide on the foot to keep the next line of stitches evenly spaced from the first.  Just line up the guide with the first row of stitches!!

I use this technique any time I need really accurate, evenly spaces rows of stitches.  You can move the needle over on your sewing machine to adjust the spacing between the rows of stitches as well.  :)  Pretty neat, huh???  Here is another example of how I use this method.

This is the exterior piece on a crayon art folio.  I sew a line of stitches on either side of the seam that joins the 3 pieces that make up the exterior.  I just simply run the guide along the seam line.  Here is a picture of the finished art folio so that you can see what I mean.

I hope you all enjoy this little tip!!


  1. super cute bag, i think I am going to have to make a purchase of this pattern!

  2. great advice. this is something I need to work on for sure. I really like it when you give sewing tips!

  3. i'll have to try this! i usually just use the edge of my regular foot but this looks easier. thanks!

  4. I just purchased three of her patterns this morning! I'm super excited!! <3

  5. Obrigada por suas ideias maravilhosas......parabens


  6. You do have the best ideas and patterns! Thank you!

  7. Great bags! I love that you are making your own, so much better than the boring ones in the grocery store!


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