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March 12, 2011

I have to admit that getting everything together for taxes this year was a bit frustrating.  Last year was my first year in business and I thought I was pretty together.  However, I quickly realized that I was ok for last year because my little shop didn't do a ton of business but that there was no way that my system was going to cut it for the fabric shop.  The volume of business is way different and I do not want to scramble to get organized with the kind of numbers that I am already dealing with!

Vanessa and I were chatting and she had been thinking about organization too.  She mentioned getting a notebook and, of course, I thought about sewing!  :)  I had gotten this cute pattern from Virginia almost a year ago and hadn't done anything with it!  Yes ladies, I realize that this statement comes out of my mouth A LOT!!!  :)  I have a huge pattern buying problem but I have a feeling that I am not alone!  wink, wink

Anyway, the fire was lit and I was ready to get organized!!  I went to staples and bought this binder.  I wanted a smaller size so that I could easily put it in my bag or the car or even on my cutting table!  I also got tabs and paper and a few more goodies to fit inside.

The pattern can be adjusted to fit any size binder or notebook and was easy!  Seriously, I made it with kids in my sewing room, easy ladies!  I think it looks way cuter than an ugly plastic binder and I love that I can close it!!

Here are some pics of the inside and of the back.

i made 2 full size pockets on the front and back


  1. beautiful! I LOVE it. THank Amy. Glad the pattern worked for you!

  2. can't wait to make one!!! love this. your cover turned out so cute.i'm going to make pockets for my index cards, for my post its, and for pens. i might have to get a mini notebook to use as my personal planner just so i can make a small cover too. are the hearts little binder clips??

    brilliant pattern, virginia!!

  3. Amy this is a beautiful notebook! I have a *thing* for putting everything (and I mean everything) in notebooks so I'll be adding this pattern to my wish list now. I created cute stamped covers for my school binders but I'd love to have my beekeeping binder to be so pretty! Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  4. Love this! Going on my to do list! That list is incredibly long, where will I find the time to make all the beautiful things Ive added to it?? Well this one is a must! :-) love the fabrics too!!

  5. Very cute. Love the idea of making those boring binders look adorable!
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    Thanks! ♥LMD

  6. I've added your button to my blog at:

  7. Amy, You're so talented. I love your style and your blog is awesome!
    gail brent

  8. What a lovely way to stay organized!!!
    Wish I could find a good way to be organized ... am working on it though! :-)


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