day one of dress a girl! yea!!!!

March 7, 2011

Ok ladies, I hope your sewing machines are ready and your supplies are gathered! :)  Head over to say "hi" to Vanessa and check out her awesome pillowcase dress tutorials!!!

photo courtesy of LBG studio

 Not only is she giving a tutorial on how to make your dresses but she has also created a pattern so that you can make one out of your own fabric if you would like!  Awesome!!!!


  1. I thought these were made with pillowcases? Will there be a tutorial that shows how to make a dress from that? Or just with fabric yardage?

  2. Hi!!! Yes, they are usually made with pillowcases! Vanessa has a link on her site that gives directions on how to make them with pillowcases. She just went the extra mile and made a pattern to make them with fabric as well! More options!!! :)
    So glad you are joining us!!!!!

  3. Those pockets are the cutest I've ever seen!!! I can't wait to see those dresses in person:)


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