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January 6, 2011

So... I am not a shopper!  Fabric, yes!  Clothing, no!  It isn't that I don't love fashion, because I DO!  I just hate the trekking lots of kids somewhere to torture myself trying on clothes, while trying to keep two little girls from peeking under the doors at other unsuspecting women trying on clothes.  All of you moms know exactly what I am talking about!!  Anyway, my adorable husband bought me a fancy pair of jeans for christmas.  He thinks I am thinner than I am, which is awesome, but also meant that I had to head to Nordstrom's this week to exchange my jeans.
While I was there I figured I would kill two birds with one stone!  I had gotten Adelaide a little blanket from Nordstrom's right before she was born and it is so loved!  "Bubbie" goes EVERYWHERE!!!  I am a little afraid that bubbie is not going to make it as long as Addie is going to need her (you will understand when you scroll down and see the pictures :).  So while we were in the store I went to get a backup bubbie.  I was totally shocked!  I knew bubbie looked rough and totally loved, but I could not believe that our bubbie was once the same color as the new bubbie!
While I am telling you all this long story that I am sure you are all so interested in :) I should also tell you about baby!  Baby is almost 70 years old.  She was made by my grandmother for my mom.  My mom gave her to Adelaide when she was born and she accompanies bubbie everywhere.  She is also shockingly rough looking!  :)  Both her nose and mouth have been loved off but her creepy eyes are hanging in there!  I assure you that bubbie and baby are both freshly washed and clean!!!!  Without further wordiness from me, here are bubbie and baby!  :)

"awake baby"

"sleeping baby"

"new bubbie" and the original!  Shocking!

this was the tag attached to "new bubbie"
we got a good laugh out of this one!


  1. wow! i can't believe a fabric doll has lasted so long! impressive. glad you found a new "bubbie".

    i totally dread going shopping with syd. when she was itty bitty, i could never fit the huge travel system stroller (new soon-to-be moms, skip them!!!) into a dressing room and now that she's older i just can't try stuff on and contain her at the same time. let's not even talk about the fact that she screams bloody murder if i even step foot into the gap!!!

  2. oh my. bubbie and baby are so cute! I am so happy she has those super cute things. Bet they look really cute when she is dragging them around nordstrom! All the ladies are giving you the old stink eye I am sure! We have penguin, paci & blankie over here. THere is always some episode when I am washing them that ends in lots of tears since they HAVE TO HAVE BLANKIE RIGHT NOW! Hope baby lives to see adelaide's daughter too :)

  3. I recently agreed to feed my THIRTY-TWO year-old son's cats while he and DIL were on vacation and I had to chase one cat out of their bedroom...where I saw, on their bed, the pillows he had since he was a baby! You think baby looks rough - you should have seen the pillows! Ick! I don't think he washes them because they would fall apart for sure! Ick! LOL!

  4. Bubbie and baby are so sweet! Baby looks wonderful for being so old and well loved! Did you put original bubbie away after you got new bubbie? Amy I had to laugh at the cute poem though. Whoever wrote it must not of had kids yet! Not one of us would expect anything to stay clean just because it is small enough to not touch the ground! LOL I'm really glad you like your card! Have a great weekend!

  5. I loved your story! It reminds me of my 3 boys when they were little. Now they are almost 22, 25 & 26. They all had their blankets too and it was a national emergency if ever they were missing or in the laundry. When they get married, I will get them out of storage (Yikes!) and give it back to them.
    Great memories.


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