October 9, 2010

As you can see, I have a beautiful new look here on my little blog!  I wanted something fun and colorful!  I am hopeless with my computer but I am trying to learn.  The fabulous Laura Jane was so sweet and patient with all of my requests and tweaking!  I just love her!  She is a mom like all of us and was so great to work with.  If anyone needs help with their space, she is the one to go to!   Thanks so much Laura Jane!


  1. Looks awesome!

    Ann x o

  2. Thank you!! You were also pretty fabulous to work with and I was SO glad to do it for you. =)

  3. AWW we love laura jane! Shes the BEST! Love it Amy! So excited for you!

  4. looks great! always fun to redecorate :)

  5. The makeover looks great! I love it!


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