kids clothing week challenge, day 1

September 21, 2010

So, it is actually the second day of the challenge but yesterday was a bust for me on the sewing front.  Adelaide decided that she didn't need a nap, which meant no sewing for me!  But... today was so much better.  Long nap = lots of sewing!  Yea!  I had to finish up a custom order which was almost done and then I got to make this!

The pattern is the simple skirt pattern by Leila and Ben.  I have been hoarding the Heather Ross fabric for a couple of months now waiting for the right project.  Besides the fact that it is not cheap, I only bought half yard cuts and most of the patterns I have call for more yardage.  But this was perfect!  And, Penelope loves it!  I am sure the fact that it has pockets really helps.

I used my serger for the first time and love how those seams look!  I have a few more half yard cuts from Heather's new line, so I think a few more of these will be in the works.


  1. so cute!!!! I love it!! the pockets rock!

  2. It is adorable!!!!! She is such a model!

  3. What a cute skirt. Such an adorable model.

  4. We should collaborate and do a review and giveaway on my blog. Your designs are gorgeous! :)

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